Why join the GMFRS Sports and Welfare Association?

AT only 50p a month why not!

There are many benefits, the most obvious of these is that it it’s your club and an arena in which to get involved with people you are already comfortable with and it provides the opportunity to represent GMFRS at sports and events.

Being a member also means that you can:
• participate in any Section activity (some sections may have an additional fee to participate in their events)
• join the Major Prize Draw (drawn quarterly,  £1.00 per draw number)
• access competitive Life and Travel Insurance from George Burrows
• Participate in S&W activities such as the Global Corporate Challenge

Who can join?
• all serving members of the GMF&RS, including Volunteers
• ex-members of the Association leaving on retirement
• family Members
• honorary Members that the Council have recommended

How much does it cost?
Membership of the Sports and Welfare Association costs just 50 pence a month or £6.00 a year.
If you are a paid employee, you can apply for membership and just 50 pence a month is taken directly from your monthly pay.
Volunteers need to pay just £6.00 once a year.
There is currently no charge for retired or honorary members.

Funding support
For a fee of only £6.00 for an annual membership of the GMFRS Sports and Welfare Association, it is of course necessary to raise additional funds to support activities and Sections. Since 2014, The Greater Manchester Fire Authority have matched the annual fee of £6.00 for each paying member, to encourage and support actives that promote health and wellbeing.

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